Some arcade tweaks

Just a few tweaks to the machine, needed to ensure I had a way to access and manage it without having to plugin a keyboard and mouse – so started looking for a Remote Desktop to use.

Remote desktops have come a long way – yet I still had trouble getting one to work. Initially installed SSH so I could work with the command line, and from there install Teamviewer, however teamviewer didn’t work neither did xrdp… so after some more googling I found AnyDesk – which worked…

Also upgraded the OS from Ubuntu 14.xx to 16.xxLTS. ALong the way the wifi stopped working, so had to find a blue cable and move everything to the router in the kitchen for a while, and the mouse pointer decided to disappear for a while there too so had to pull out the ole CTRL ALT F1 then CTRL ALT F7 after every startup.

Everything is working again now and I am right to start programming my first game for it, and upload it from any machine – although I am likely to simply add Git to the list of programs and update my written games that way.

I’ve removed comments from the blog, reach out via Twitter or Facebook 😀


Author: JR