Arcade Machine Works

Finally got this working. I got tired of looking at an empty shell while also umming and ahh’ing over which buttons and joysticks and lights and speakers to buy and drop in it. So, I just went for the cheapest with the fastest delivery times.

I’m happy with the result! I now have a starting point at least, for future improvements.

  • Buttons, being cheap they also suck a bit. They get jammed or just miss beats. These will definitely be upgraded to RGB LED Buttons in the future.
  • Joysticks, very loud and clicky. Other than that they are typical Zippy joysticks, reliable. I want to upgrade these, but I’m not going to be upset if I still have the same joysticks clicking away in fifty years.
  • Keyboard Encoder – I opted to spend the money on the Ultimarc i-Pac 4 2019 version. plenty of inputs for it, I’ve only a two player machine but if I ever upgrade or simply want to add more buttons – it’s good to go. I have no reason to upgrade this.
  • Monitor, purchased a brand new 24″ HP LED 24o from Officeworks for a little under $150. It’s the perfect size for the monitor recess and puts out a good picture. Again, there’s no planned upgrade for this.
  • Sound, the speakers are – no shit – the little HP speakers you get with new monitors. They’re not wonderful, I’ll definitely be upgrading over time.
  • Lights, there is no lighting installed as yet. Plans are to light up the marquee, and the space invader in the front panel, as well as the buttons and joysticks. There’s plenty of utilities available for making cool light stuff.
  • Games, the most important to last. My goal is (still) to create some old school style arcade games. At this stage, I’m likely to use PyGame – however I’d like to also build a game frontend / launcher.

Author: JR

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