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After putting a lot of time into learning Ruby on Rails, and then attempting to build a darts website ( with limited success, I decided to shift back to a language that was more comfortable to  me – Python.

I’d really not had a lot of good fortune creating websites with Python before, so I hit the courses up for a refresher, worked through the Tango with Django book, and then grabbed the Django For Beginners book by William S. Vincent – which in hindsight – is where I’d start from (in conjunction with the OneMonth videos if I could have a do-over!

After doing the tutorials I gave the darts website another go and this time – with more knowledge – had a much better result. Front page.

Pro501 – whilst being a portfolio / learning piece – was created as a Darts Club Management website. It takes care of the memberships, the committees, the tournaments and the matches. It’s far from finished, but has the potential to be a fully functional contribution to the darts world with only a small amount of work.

Round Placings

Pro501 utilises a paid Bootstrap theme, SQLite database (for now) and Django, with standard authentication package. I stopped working on it only because a real world project popped its head up for me to work on (more about that later). Other than a great way to cement the Django learnings, building Pro501 highlighted a lot more I need(ed) to learn and some things i want(ed) to learn.

  • Using slugs in the URL – Eventually got this sorted.
  • Testing – it’s covered but I’m not all over it just yet, it’s something that needs continuous learning and practise. 
  • Separating the frontend and the backend
  • Creating an API.

The last two items above, were covered really well in William S Vincent’s second book, Django for API’s which I’ve just finished and found to be extremely helpful (looking forward to the third book, the preview is pretty ace!). Although now, I’m off to look for more React.js resources to build a pretty cool frontend for my new project. (Again – starting at as their video tutorials have a way of explaining things juuust right)

I’ll get back in a week with results from the React course, and hopefully have some progress to report on my other project. I still don’t know so much!

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