Backend, Frontend, API… FIFO.

Plugging away on a pretty cool project right now. Django for the backend, created an API so the React frontend can communicate. It’s going extremely slow as I’m currently working Fly In Fly Out, 12 hour shifts, very limited internet in my study time. The important thing is continuously chipping away at it.

What’s involved? (Just quickly because I’m well knackered)

  • Django
  • React
  • django-allauth
  • rest_framework
  • SQLite (for now, but I’m still putting the most basic parts together and will then configure PostGreSQL and geo-django
  • Bootstrap

I am really just at the configuration of both the backend and frotnend right now, making everything talk to each other. I have some leave due shortly and will be working the models and the Single Page Application (SPA) then. Exactly where I’m up to? Django works, a very basic app for API testing works, React is setup and ready to begin coding.

Utilising Pycharm and WebStorm by JetBrains. Both paid for IDE’s that I’m comfortable using – which, in my opinion, is more important than spiffy features… although JetBrains software does have some incredibly spiffy features! (Version Control integration, database integrations,  server integration just to name a few)

Other Python stuff right now;

  • PyConAU2019 is coming up, hoping to get there after watching some of the talks from 2018 on YouTube, but there is the work, money, and time factors to consider. Probably have to skip it for next year.
  • Working on another Django and Bootstrap project, just in my lunchbreak at work. Building models and learning cool new stuff on that, so by the time I’ve ready to code this main project I haven’t forgotten everything I’ve learnt over the last few months! This will be fairly practical when finished and also a great portfolio item (Will let you know when completed, again, it’s going slow due to time).
  • Soaking up Python lectures, videos, tutorials and blogs. William S Vincent and Dan Bader stuff is excellent. Some of it, and particularly most of the podcasts and presentations I’m listening to / watching – is above my head. But that’s my learning strategy anyway, I like to immerse myself in the bigger stuff, here new ideas and concepts, and look forward to learning more about them. It’s quite uncomfortable, insecure, and daunting. But, I always have something to look forward to learning and that’s really driving me; instead of my old slow approach of “this is what I want to learn right now and I’m not moving on until I’ve got it perfect and understand it completely”.

I’ll hopefully get another ArcPy tutorial on this site over the next week, and am working on an article about using Python to convert survey data to GIS data (it’s something I’m excellent at!). So hang about.

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