Burmio. Rails, dart stats website

I’ve been working on a darts scoring and stats website recently. Built using Ruby on Rails (yes, it’s not Python!). Very close to entering production mode – usually wouldn’t build it incrementally and provide daily updates however I’ve been putting it together for a bunch of keen darts players and whilst they’re not interested in how it’s being built – one or two of them are enjoying watching the progress of it all.

I’ve built into it a Twitter type messaging / feed system I’ve called “Burst”, this also allows for live feeds of each of the games being played. The gaming system will allow for multiple rule sets, collection of statistics, “ghost” players for practise, a very minor social betting system (ie play for beers). In addition to this, I’m in the process of adding a community suggestion and voting setup that will allow – for example – one user to make a suggestion for new features, enhancements; and the rest of the community to vote on whether they want this implemented or not.

I won’t go too much into it all here, but you can check the site out for yourself and feel free to offer comment here, or if you play darts – sign up to Burmio itself and follow the progress there whilst throwing a leg or two!

Author: JR

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